Class Module ~ Update #1

As I work on the various Easy D&D sections that make up the complete package of resources that I am planning on, I will be occasionally adding to this website showing the progress of each module.

The class module took shape at a similar time as the race module, but was worked on after the majority of work on the Race section had been completed. So many decisions, such as font, sizing etc, had already been decided.

Iteration #1 Drawn at the same time as the first Race module sketch.

As with Race, Class was designed to be easy to read, conveniently sized, and laid out in an appealing way; with identifiable sections and art for those who struggle to read.

For the Class’ list I wanted to concentrate down the play styles of each Class. Iteration #1 really shows that core concept, showing only two weapons. Lists of spells/abilities & enemies this class would fair well against, or would succumb to.

Iteration #2 was as crude as possible, but helped develop the main structure.

As with Race this design moved into Photoshop, a program I’m comfortable with but that would later prove the wrong choice. The basic design layout was copied from Race, including a Descriptor to ease choice and eventually implementing various shapes from the Photoshop catalogue to give the module a distinct feel; linking into to Race through the same colour pallet. Slowly the module became asymmetrical, which although looked fine, is something I grappled with as I tried my best to balance function over design.

Iteration #3 took some large strides forward.

For this next entry I used stand in art from PrintableHeroes (again, check them out!) as it allowed me to design around elements that would make the module more visual, even if they would not be used in the final product. The stroke again proved a deft touch and boxing the weapons led to another game design choice that evolved out of aesthetics.

By giving the player only two options, one melee & one ranged, the choices each turn in combat are simplified and made easy. But, weaponry within D&D is integral to the game and limiting the players and DM to only a few options would be foolhardy. Again the module (cut & stick) nature of Easy D&D was at the forefront of my mind and led me to replaceable (or up-gradable) weapons. If this section stayed the same shape throughout each race, it would be easy to implement. Although fitting in a reason for a change of weapon within the level playing field that is Easy D&D’s weapon choices might be a future brain twister.

Again like in Race, the modules main elements were defined, next came the move to Adobe Illustrator to refine and tweak.

Any questions or queries please get in touch or leave a comment.


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