Abilities Module ~ Update #1

As I work on the various Easy D&D sections that make up the complete package of resources that I am planning on, I will be occasionally adding to this website showing the progress of each module.

The final modular piece was one I struggled with. Not it terms of design, that was relatively simple. But whether it was needed within Easy D&D at all. The first goal of Easy D&D was too reduce the game down to its bare bones to make it more accessible. This module was seemingly more complicated than necessary, and aimed at a higher ability than I set out for.

That being said, D&D should be inclusive. And by removing the traditional ability scores that make the game so unique, would isolate those who want a deeper level of play. This module then becomes an addition, available to those who are capable, but not essential to the entire party.

So with that ramble out of the way! The main structure of the Abilities module was based on the Kid Friendly Character Sheet, by Emmet Byrne – available on DMsGuild. I’ve used this design for a D&D group of 10 students previously and it is excellently laid out, but as with so many resources – too wordy.

Kid Friendly Character Sheet by Emmet Byrne

I reduced the character sheet down to the abilities and skills. I decided early on in the design process Easy D&D would not have proficiency, and so the skills info is there just to add a layer of information as to what the abilities themselves entail.

First Initial Sketch

As seen in the sketch, I even toyed with the idea of adding (or even changing) the main ability names. This went against my core feelings as to what D&D is, in a similar way to what began this module, and so I scrapped that idea early on.

These early prototypes show that the basic structure was cemented in. The changes are all based around the modifiers themselves; using various ways to identify, through use of colour and shapes. The colours were not linked to anything in particular, but I have matched them to the ‘Combat – What Can I Do?’ cheat sheet resource I produced to help with recognition.

Finished Mock-up For The Rogue Class.

As with the other modules, the move to illustrator brought homogenisation – stroke, colour palette, sizing etc. Although there maybe future tweaking, I think this template fits within Easy D&D and future updates will only add the base Class modifiers I have planned.

Any questions or queries please get in touch or leave a comment.


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