Combat Module ~ Update #1

As I work on the various Easy D&D sections that make up the complete package of resources that I am planning on, I will be occasionally adding to this website showing the progress of each module.

Although not an integral part of Easy D&D, nor needed in a regular D&D campaign. A player cheat sheet that explains the basic options during combat was unnecessarily hard to find online. I didn’t even want something pretty; just a list. A list of what can be done during combat. So many of my students struggle with lateral thinking and without direction can become bored and frustrated.

  • Move
  • Attack
  • Grapple
  • Shove
  • Dodge
  • Dash
  • Disengage
  • Help
  • Hide
  • Search
  • Use An Object
  • Improvise

And so the ‘Combat – What Can I Do?’ Cheat Sheet was born. A simple, easy to follow and understand guide of actions available during combat. Not exhaustive, nor fully descriptive, but enough to help as a dropping off point for decision making.

The Original Inspiration, The Author of Which I Cannot Find.

The basis for the cheat sheet was another slightly more complicated version I found online (see above) and it’s far more elaborate older brother ~ Link. Both great for your average campaigners, but far too wordy for Easy D&D!

My first mock-up was based on this info-graphic, emphasising certain points and consolidating others. I also implemented InPrint Widgit Symbols; for those who struggle with words.

An Early Proof of Concept Mock-up

After ‘finishing’ the Race & Class templates and moving to Illustrator. I worked to bring the Combat cheat sheet inline with those works, adding stroke, refining the colour palette & vectorising the Widgit symbols. And so, I think I’ve pretty much finished this part of Easy D&D and created a useful and usable 5th Edition cheat sheet.

Finished Simple Player Combat Cheat Sheet

Any questions or queries please get in touch or leave a comment.


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