Site Update #1

As you can see from the gaps between posts, I’d taken a break from Easy D&D to focus on other aspects of my life (mainly children!) But now, with renewed energy, I’m ready to devote some serious time to get this project to its first stage of completion.

New ‘Logo’ In Open Dyslexic

Taking a break has highlighted a few changes I’d like to make, which I may not have decided on previously. A few simplified D&D projects have come out in the past year and the niche Easy D&D fits in is getting more crowded (which is great!), but I feel our identity could be a little stronger and a lot easier. Just one look at the What Can I Do? page and I can see it’s too wordy for the majority of Easy D&D’s target audience, not that it doesn’t have its place, just we can do better. So here is a quick bullet list of adaptations and tweaks I wish to make in the coming months.

  • Create two levels, one visual only (or near enough) the other more akin to what has been created so far.
  • Incorporate Open Dyslexic where possible.
  • Create simple quick look Advantage/Disadvantage tables for Races/Classes/Enemies.
  • Create simple guides to Races/Classes/Enemies.
  • Develop easy to use/plan modular scenarios including story & maps.
    • Create narrated content for visually impaired.
  • Finish finalised versions of the Race & Class modules.
  • Complete a Rules guide detailing a stripped back 5E for use with the the modules above, fully adaptable depending on the group and their abilities.

So there it is, a rough guide for me to follow. See you on the other side!