Site Update #2

Unfortunately this project has been on the backburner for the past few months, but I have been creating extras and trying to get my head around the intricacies of a simplified D&D in the background. Here a few updates that you might find useful. All of these are in their early iterations.


I’ve been working on a ‘handbook’ to guide newcomers through the early stages of Easy D&D, needs a lot of work but progress is happening.


Here’s the breakdown by class so far and some examples that are finished.

ClassWeapon 1Weapon 2Spell / Abilities 1Spell / Abilities 2Good AgainstBad AgainstDescriptor
BarbarianBattleaxeThrowing AxeCharge – Rush To The Front To Make Sure Of Being First To AttackEasily Intimidate Others Into Running AwayEverything Bigger Than ItLittle Foes (Halflings, Gnomes Etc.)Always Ready To Fight
BardFlailSlingSing A Song – Sing A Song To Produce Magical EffectsCan Convince Simple Minds To Do Their BiddingAnything With EarsAnimalsUse Magic & Music
ClericMaceSlingHealing – Recover 2 Hit PointsHas Many Books Of Histories And MapsMen, Elves & DwarfsOther Worldly FoesHeal With The Power Of Books
DruidLight HammerBlowgunMending – Fix Something BrokenCan Communicate With AnimalsAnimalsMen, Elves & DwarfsLet The Animals Guide You
FighterGreatswordCrossbowTrue Strike – Gain Advantage On A Specific EnemyCan Use Anything Around Them As WeaponsSkilled OpponentsUnpredictable EnemiesNever Backs Down From A Battle
MonkScimitarDartHealing –  Recover 2 Hit PointsGrant Others The Power To Gain AdvantageOrcs & GoblinsMen, Elves & DwarfsClever, Fast & Always Calm
PaladinWarhammerShortbowLight – Create A Magic Light Source (Can Be Used To Blind Enemies)Can Dodge Out Of The Way Of ProjectilesThe UndeadCreatures Of The SeaA Holy Warrior For Light
RangerWhipLongbowDiscover – Find Any Hidden EnemiesHas A Net To Catch Animals (Or Enemies)AnimalsMen, Elves & DwarfsBe At Home In The Wild
RogueDaggerBlowgunSneak – Get Behind The Enemy To Do Double The DamageCan Climb Anything That Can Be ClimbedMen, Elves & DwarfsFlying CreaturesBe Sneaky & Use Trickery
SorcererQuarterstaffDaggerRay Of Frost – A Ranged Spell That Freezes The Enemy (Or Object)Uses Magic To Sense Others WeaknessesSpirits & PhantomsThe LivingUse The Magic Within You
WarlockQuarterstaffHandaxeEldritch Blast – A Ranged Spell That Crackles With Energy (Can Cause Objects, And Sometime People, To Explode!)Has A Other Worldly Knowledge Of Their SurroundingsOther Worldly FoesMagic UsersOnly The Scariest Magic Will Work
WizardQuarterstaffMorningstarFire Bolt – A Ranged Spell That Burns The Enemy (Or Object)Can Trick People Into Seeing ThingsOrcs & GoblinsThe UndeadRead, Learn, Then Set It On Fire


Here are the Various Races as an interactive PDF and a quicklook table. Click the pages to cycle through the Options then save or print to export.

RaceGoodBadACHPLanguagesInventory / AbilitiesDescriptor
DragonbornProtecting othersSneaking about2010Draconic, CelestialCan withstand fireA walking, talking dragon
DwarfNot getting sickClimbing1810DwarvishCan see in the darkAs strong as men, just half their size
ElfSensing dangerTalking168ElvishFour loaves of mana breadMagical, clever, & quick
GnomeHidingFighting168Gnomish, ElvishA case full of potions and poisonsSmall and sneaky but full of energy
Half-ElfSensing dangerBeing scary188ElvishA camping kitThe best of Human and Elf (Brave & Quick)
HalflingClimbingSeeing whats happening168Halfling, GnomishA small guitarLucky and brave but easily lost
Half-orcBeing scaryDisguise2010Goblin, Giant, OrcA scary necklace made of teethTough, strong, scary, and easy to spot
HumanTalkingBeing scary188Goblin, Elvish, Dwarvisha rope and ladderLikable, brave, and daring
TieflingHelpingHiding2010Infernal, AbyssalA glowing red rubyScary to look at but kind and caring

So far this is all I have to upload, I will be working on the above tweaking and finalising as I see fit. And hopefully get around to an Easy D&D Bestiary and a short introductory campaign. Any suggestions or critiques email me at:



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